June 17, 2024

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Best Use of the Dog Water Dispenser

A dog should consume approximately 50 to 75 ml of water per kg of body weight per day. The amount of water varies depending on the type of food. if your dog eats dry food (kibble), he should drink this amount. If he eats wet physiological food, he will drink less water because these foods already contain a large quantity. The automatic dog water dispenser can be most useful here.

The Amount of Water Varies Depending On the Age of the Dog

In order to maintain its body and develop, a puppy consumes more water than an adult dog. At the age of three months, he will drink twice as much as an adult does. As a result, it will need between 100 and 200 ml of water per kilogram of weight. At around two-thirds of its development (between 5 and 8 months, depending on race), the puppy’s water consumption approaches that of an adult.

Why Choose A Dog Water Fountain? Which Water Fountain to Choose For Your Dog

The water fountain for dogs is a water dispenser that can replace the water bowl of our companions. Automatic, a fountain allows water to flow cyclically after being filtered. We talk about a water fountain to designate an electric dispenser compared to others, non-electric, which are simply bowls with a reservoir.

The Advantages of a Water Fountain

Avoid filling your bowl several times

Equipped with a tank, the water fountain for dogs avoids filling the water bowl of your canine several times a day. This is all the more interesting if you have several animals or if you have to be away frequently.

Encourage your dog to drink more often

With its fountain effect, the water dispenser for dogs encourages your companion to hydrate more often.

Water quality

Thanks to its carbon filters, the water fountain distributes water that is always pure, free of dirt (hair, dust, insects, etc.). The water supplied is always fresh.

How to Choose Your Water Fountain?

The height of the fountain and the capacity of the tank will depend on the size of your dog. Other criteria such as the design and noise of the water dispenser will depend on you. The maintenance of the fountain will be one of the most important criteria and we recommend that you acquire a removable model with filters whose maintenance will be easier.

Maintenance of a Water Fountain

  • Clean your water fountain with warm soapy water about once a week
  • Descale the fountain once a month with vinegar water
  • Change filters once or twice a month or as needed
  • Change the water in the fountain at least once a week to prevent the appearance of scale

What Is The Difference Between A Water Dispenser And A Dog Water Fountain?

The water dispenser is a manual device while the water fountain works electrically. This is the main difference between these two dog accessories. The dispenser fills the bowl with water when it empties, but there is no movement of water. On the contrary, the water fountain offers the animal water that flows continuously. It’s a system that some dogs really like because they can lap up some really cool water.

In addition, the water from a fountain is more oxygenated. The water fountain also incorporates filters that clean the water. It is a more sophisticated device than the water dispenser, but also more cumbersome. Lighter, the water dispenser for dogs is easy to transport. It is also less expensive than a fountain.