April 15, 2024

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In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services Make the Process Peaceful for Both You and Your Pet


Deciding to euthanize your pet (putting your pet to sleep) is among the most difficult choices that you will ever have to make. It’s an option that many people choose to end their pet’s suffering during its final days. This process can be performed in a vet clinic or at home. However, if you avail in-home euthanasia services, they will ensure to make the entire process as peaceful as possible for both you and your best friend. 

In-home pet euthanasia calabasas ca services like Zendog Veterinary Care PLLC plan and explain the entire process to you. They strive to make this moment less difficult ensuring that your pet spends his last breath in the comfort of your home rather than a vet hospital. They serve in areas like New York, Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens, Long Island (Nassau). They also offer therapies like acupuncture, canine rehabilitation, and Chinese herbal medicine for your pet.

Experts say the veterinary setting will not give your pet that environment like passing in his bed, surrounded by toys, under the backyard tree, your lap. At home, you can play soothing music, dim the lights, and if your pet’s health permits, you can even feed him the favorite last meal.  

When should you get your pet euthanized at home?

If your pet is suffering from illness of the brain, lungs, or heart then these organs might stop functioning suddenly and you might have to face an emergency. Therefore, it is advisable you do not wait till the last moment and rather have at-home euthanasia. 

  • Keep checking your pet’s health
  • See how far are you able to keep him comfortable
  • Talk with your regular vet about your pet’s health and condition
  • Few medications might ease its discomfort but if your pet’s health continues to decline then take the decision.

Who can perform at-home euthanasia?

  • Any pet euthanasia services should be registered with US state laws
  • They need a veterinarian or technician (hospice) licensed with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for performing the euthanasia procedure

What to expect?

  • Once the vet arrives for the at-home euthanasia process, they choose a space where your pet is comfortable
  • Two injections are given for the procedure
  • The first injection sedates the pet to relax its body and he drifts to sleep within 3-5 minutes
  • The second injection contains the euthanasia solution, which is an overdose of barbiturates
  • It shuts off the respiratory tract, the brain, and the heart stops functioning
  • The hospice vet will step away and give you a few moments to spend alone with your pet
  • You may create a paw print or cut a lock of fur as a keepsake
  • Finally, your pet’s body is transported to a crematory or a burial home, according to the service you select.

If you are staying in Manhattan, then call Zendog Veterinary Care PLLC for compassionate mobile care of your pet. Although at-home euthanasia is pricier than in a veterinary clinic many people are opting for this option in the city as it is worth a calmer and peaceful experience.